Go-Fund-Me to Save FISH of Greater New Haven

FISH has served the Greater New Haven community since 1968, They have helped feed hundreds of thousands of homebound, food insecure individuals, families, and Veterans, delivering free bags of groceries directly to their homes.
Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic FISH continued to serve the community with increased production, realizing firsthand that their services were needed more than ever before. They never wavered to put food on the table for those who needed it the most.
FISH answered the call when the community needed them, and they delivered, NOW WE NEED YOU!!

COVID funding has ended, and FISH is facing an uncertain future with a funding gap that could make it difficult for them to continue to provide their unique service.
The current economic environment is boasting the highest inflation rate we have seen in decades, making the unique services of FISH more crucial than ever.
Over the last 12 months, grocery prices have risen 13.1% – the largest annual increase since March 1979 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The cost of eggs has risen 38%, flour is up 22.7%, chicken is up 17.6%, milk has risen 15.6%, ground beer is up 9.7%, bacon is up 9.2%, and fruits and vegetables have risen 9.3%.
Feeding America estimates 1 in 8 people in America could face hunger, which is 42 million people in the United States, including 13 million children.
FISH serves 1,000 Greater New Haven households each month, representing over 2,500 individuals. This equates to almost 500,000 pounds of groceries in a year!
  • $500 – provides 20 families delivered groceries
  • $250 – provides 10 families delivered groceries
  • $125 – provides 5 families delivered groceries
  • $50 – provides 2 families delivered groceries
Will you help save FISH and provide hope for those in need? Please donate today!

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